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Yahoo! Finance: Dr. Jenelle Kim on DIY Hand Sanitizer

As the threat of coronavirus spread throughout the United States, hand sanitizer was one of the many products that quickly sold out in stores. Many Americans have turned to making their own hand sanitizer for the time being, but some may be more effective than others. After several conflicting tweets from users claiming to make…
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Bowls with spirulina powder on table

Spirulina in Beauty Products: What You Need to Know

Spirulina first began trending as something you stir into your morning smoothie or take as a dietary supplement. But its uses have expanded far beyond just ingestible forms. In more recent years, Spirulina has been known to appear on the ingredient labels of beauty products as well. And with good reason. The benefits of Spirulina…
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It Only Takes One Match to Light a Thousand [Speech]

  The story goes that in a far-off Asian country, there was once a king who drank special elixirs that kept him healthy, beautiful and young for a long time. The royal court and only the royal court could partake of these secret formulas or bbong formulas. Bbong formulas translate as secret formulas in the…
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Complete Balance: The Natural Power of Adaptogens

How Adaptogens Work According to research, adaptogens are unique from other substances in that they have the ability to balance the immune system and the endocrine system while helping the body to maintain optimal homeostasis.   Adaptogens work at the cellular level to improve the function and vitality of every cell in the body, thereby…
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How to Start Your Own Business as a Motivational Speaker

So you are a sociable, affable person who has a story to tell. You know that sharing your life experiences, and wisdom can potentially help others, but you are unsure of how you can communicate your insight. Why not consider taking your message on the road as a motivational speaker? In addition to changing the…
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5 Life Habits That Will Transform Your Perspective on Life

Making the right decisions and practicing good habits can often be difficult with the chaos of everyday life. In order to improve certain facets of our lives, we must be willing to take a step back and identify the areas that need improving and what it would take to reach our goals. Whether it be…
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Daily Motivation Tips: How to Be More Resilient at Work

We all know that feeling of apathy we get from a job that isn’t going anywhere. This happens when we think that the job we’re at is not worth our time or there’s no vertical growth for us. This feeling could come from a variety of outside forces – management, coworkers, improper compensation; however, many…
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How to Tie in Self-Reflection in Your Everyday Routine

It’s easy to welcome complacency into your life. After all, it is a level of satisfaction. However, content you appear to be, devoid of self-reflection, your sense of serenity may all be a façade. Without first examining and understanding your thoughts, feelings, and actions, it is impossible to be true to yourself and others. Gazing…
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Love is a Commitment

True Love is Never Too Close, Yet Never Too Far Away

Love is never too close, yet never too far away. Love is consistent and does not move with the changing winds of life. This is the difference between commitment and emotions. Emotions come and go, they are natural and a part of life; it is important to be aware of your emotions and to not…
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2018 farm bill hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill Leads the Way in Hemp Destigmatization

I sat down with Emerald Magazine to discuss the legal implications and technical points of the 2018 Farm Bill, and the effects it will have on the hemp industry long-term. The 807-page, $867 billion dollar bill passed late last year, after the sign-off from President Trump, and people have since been wondering how it is…
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Balance Stress

How to Balance Stress Over the Holidays

How to Best Prepare for Stressful Holiday Gatherings When preparing for the stressful holiday gatherings with family and loved ones it can be helpful to take a moment to set your mind and ground yourself. I am a firm believer in setting your mind in small increments.  What I mean by this is, instead of…
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life mentor

A Personal Note – Finding a Life Mentor

Throughout my life, I have experienced many peaks and valleys.  Like many of you, beginning at a very young age, I learned quickly the faces of sincerity and hope, as well as faces of betrayal and jealousy. I cannot say which I appreciate more. The faces of goodness have reminded me of the light in…
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Traditional Oriental Medicine

A Comparison of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Homeopathy, and Western Medicine

Throughout my years treating patients, giving seminars, and working with herbal companies, I have encountered individuals who wonder the differences between Traditional Oriental Medicine, Homeopathic and Western Medicine. Below is a simple explanation of the three medical approaches to medicine.   Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) The roots of Traditional Oriental Medicine date back to more…
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free-flowing qi

Understanding the Free-Flow of Qi – What is Qi?

What is more important than your health? The answer to this question is straightforward, we all have one life on this earth; no one has spare lives. So clearly, taking care of ourselves should be of utmost importance.   Understanding Qi I am often asked the question, “What is the key to optimal health?” According…
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Purify your life

Its Time to Clean Up on the Inside – Learn to Purify Your Life

Picture your home, and in that vision, picture clothes piled up everywhere, trash can overflowing, papers stacked all over the place, food rotting on the counter. It is safe to say that almost anyone who sees this picture would agree that something needs to change – a thorough cleaning and organizing session is definitely in…
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winds of life

Bamboo Never Breaks, But Bends with the Changing Winds of Life

Over the past few years, I have had the incredible opportunity of seeing life begin to blossom before my eyes. I have seen the first glimpse of a smile burst into delight; I have seen a fake cry become a sea of tears; I have seen a lost hand take a tight grip on my…
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As You Gain Perspective, You Gain Wisdom

Imagine you are looking out at the beautiful scenery of an open field. You see gorgeous trees, a valley, and a sunset on the horizon.  Now imagine that in order to see this breathtaking view, you have to peer over a high brick wall. Your friend is also with you; however, unlike yourself, she is…
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finding balance

Balance Is The Key To Life

Having balance in your life is like driving on the road. There is a set speed limit. However, this does not mean that you drive at only that speed limit regardless of the current situations you face and what is going on around you.  If there is traffic, you are not going to plow through…
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One Decision Can Change the Course of Your Life

In life, it is so important to make correct decisions and to follow through with proper actions.  This is one of the keys to leading a life of success or failure. One decision can change the entire course of your life. There are many sources that help people take the correct steps to make better…
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