X42: Myung Sung • The Korean Art of Living Meditation

With the way our world is, it’s almost impossible not to develop layers and layers of false beliefs. Beliefs that keep us small and out of our divine power.


That’s why meditation is so helpful, because it gives us quiet time away from all the noise to find our center. The problem is, we tend to have endless excuses to stay in the chaos.


Thankfully, we can bring that same energy that we cultivate in a quiet meditation into every moment of our lives so that we live with a little more mindfulness.


But how do we do this? Well that’s what we’re talking about today.


Our guest is Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder, and formulator for JBK Wellness Labs, and Author. She is a highly successful formulator, doctor of Chinese medicine, and Master Herbalist, and her expertise in health stems from her extensive knowledge in herbal medicine.


We Will Learn


  • A way of being that is calm, decisive, and harmonious
  • How to stop being drunk on your own thoughts and words
  • The 3 pillars of Myung Sung