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The 8 Keys of Living Meditation

An 8-Day Course

to Reset Your Mind & Transform Your Life

In less than 10 minutes a day, for 8 days, you can cleanse and train your mind, body and spirit, so that you are able to attain a consistent state of calm and inner strength no matter what is happening around you.
As the 9th generation practitioner of the Tao in my lineage, I will share the 8 Keys of Myung Sung Living Meditation as they have been passed down for generations. These principles and practices have been treasured for centuries as some of the most effective ways to rebalance the mind, body and spirit, and change your perspective, so you can see every situation you are in more clearly. By expanding and resetting your mind you will enable yourself to make correct decisions and good habits in your daily life. Through this practice you will gain the ability to transform your life and change your reality for the better in a single instant.

8-Day Meditation Regimen

Each morning for eight consecutive days watch and practice the Myung Sung Moving Meditation Technique. Then watch and reflect on the Key for the day starting with Key 1.

Myung Sung Living Meditation: Meditation, Medicine & Movement

Key 1: Know Your True Self

Key 2: The True-Right-Correct Method

Key 3: Stop Being Drunk on Your Own Thoughts

Key 4: How Will You Be Remembered?

Key 5: Seek Connectedness & Honor

Key 6: Change Your Reality for the Better

Key 7: It Only Takes One Match to Light a Thousand

Key 8: Be Like Bamboo

In Myung Sung, the freedom of moving while you meditate is not just an accommodation for our busy lives, but a key element of the practice. This is a vital part of Living Meditation. Movement strengthens our mind-body connection, increases the flow of qi, and helps us connect to the natural energy that exists within and around us.
Our ancient sages taught us that if we do not train our qi, or vital energy, it will become scattered. This leads to feelings of anxiousness and loss of control in life. These techniques help us harness and rebalance our qi so that we can take control of our own life and cultivate a life of abundance, calm and happiness.

These techniques can be done anywhere by anyone.

What does the course consist of?

In this 8-day course you will be given short, yet impactful videos to watch each morning that consist of one of the 8 Keys of Living Meditation followed by the powerful Myung Sung Moving Meditation Rebalancing Technique that connects and resets the mind, body & spirit.
Myung Sung Moving Meditation consists of simple and effective techniques rooted in Qi Gong that have been passed down for centuries to help:

The 8 Keys of Living Meditation

Following the 5 minutes of Myung Sung Moving Meditation, you will watch a video on one of the 8 Keys of Living Meditation (1-3 minutes). Every morning for 8 days you will focus and set your mind on that particular principle, which you will then carry with you throughout your day to create good habits that can be used every moment of your life
– in relationships, at work, as a parent, and in your community.

“If you change your perspective, you can change your life.”