Eight Keys to Balancing Daily Challenges and Struggles with Dr. Jenelle Kim

“Every one of us has a destiny that calls us to achieve greatness. It is whether we connect to that destiny or let it pass by that determines if we will be great.” -Dr. Jenelle Kim

For nearly a decade, today’s special guest, Dr. Jenelle Kim has shared with those she treats how to incorporate the power of Eastern philosophy into Western lifestyles, enabling her clients to live more balanced, purposeful, and harmonious lives. Jenelle passionately believes that by creating an awareness of the connectedness between the mind, body, spirit, and greater universe, then will you truly understand yourself, and therefore, will you understand your place in the universe, and what you are called to do in your life – your destiny.


As the American-born daughter of a Korean father and an American mother, Dr. Jenelle Kim, learned from an early age the power behind the centuries-old principles passed down from her ancestors—the same principles that have allowed her to live a life of meaning and purpose. She is the custodian of the herbal formulations passed down directly within her family line for many generations and the first woman to hold this responsibility.


Dr. Jenelle Kim holds a Master of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) and is Nationally Board Certified in Herbology, Oriental Medicine, and Acupuncture. She is the Founder and Lead Formulator of JBK Wellness Labs, a leader in cosmetic, personal care, and nutraceutical product formulation and design using traditional East Asian herbs and medicines. JBK Wellness Labs is the creator of the world’s first CBD luxury skincare line. Dr. Kim is the author of the upcoming book, Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Mindful Connection.