CBD Skin Care: Complete Guide (Updated 2021)

Seemingly overnight, the world went CBD crazy. Everything from cocktails to mayonnaise began being infused by this intriguing chemical, all boasting beneficial health improvements to the consumer. Eventually, CBD made it into skincare, and now anyone with access to the internet can invest in CBD skin care such moisturizers, serums and even eczema creams infused with this potent cannabinoid. 

In this article we discuss the following:

What is CBD Skin Care?

To understand CBD skin care, one needs to first understand CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical that occurs naturally in both marijuana and hemp plants (cannabis). In cannabis, there are two main active ingredients; the one is CBD, and the other is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. 

As we know, THC is the compound that is responsible for the high that comes with smoking or consuming cannabis. THC is responsible for euphoric sensations, relief from pain, and an increase in appetite. 

CBD on the other hand, is totally non-psychoactive. When introduced to the cannabinoid receptors in the human body, the compound causes a calming, anti-inflammatory effect, and (with the right dose) potential drowsiness which can aid insomnia. Pain relief is also linked to this derivative of the cannabis plant. 

CBD skin care products are everyday beauty and self-care products that have been carefully infused with the CBD compound. When applied topically, CBD boasts the potential for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities, along with the potential to reduce the production of sebum in the skin, in turn reducing the appearance of acne. The treatment of eczema and psoriasis have been linked to CBD, too. 

Should You Use CBD Skin Care Products?

It’s important to note that there remains very little research to back up the claims made by manufacturers and users of CBD skin care products. CBD skin care is very new, unknown territory and is still under close observation before any conclusive product claims can be made. 

At present, most users of CBD skin care find their way to these products either because they have an existing history of benefit from CBD or THC consumed orally, or they know someone who swears by these products and their results. 

Almost no CBD studies have made use of human beings when attempting to prove their hypothesis. However, there have been numerous studies that made use of rats and monitored the topological effects of CBD on the skin. These studies have established that the substance is transdermal. This means that the CBD was absorbed through the skin of the rat and showed potential for positive effects in connection with arthritis and inflammation of joints. 

This is great news for rats, but means almost nothing until we get a targeted study done on an actual human body. Until then, we are left at the mercy of the cannabis plant and the potential benefits (and downsides) these active molecules can have when it comes to our skin. Cannabis oil for skin is not going away anytime soon, so the best we can do is try to dive a little deeper and understand it. That’s the goal of this article, so read on! 

CBD Skin Benefits

It’s logical to assume that any effect that CBD has on the inside of the body could also be expected to occur on the outside of the body. Human beings have cannabinoid receptors in the following places: the brain (central nervous system), lungs, liver, kidneys, and the immune system. Another term for these are CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

When consumed orally and digested, it is to these parts of the body that the CBD compounds bind and react within, which is why we have seen such undeniable benefits in using CBD to treat anxiety, seizures, pain relief and even cancer. 

Ongoing investigations into the effects of CBD when applied topically are showing the molecules to have a similar effect to that of CB1 and CB2 receptions on the body’s TRPV-1 and GPR55 receptors. These are receptors, found in the skin, which can be directly linked to inflammation and pain signaling. 

According to the CBD company Hempika, CBD may also improve skin’s defence mechanism.

If CBD is able to directly affect these exterior receptors, then CBD for skin holds great potential benefit as a daily skincare practice. We can expect to see great strides being made over the coming months and years in proving the aforementioned notion. Personally, we anticipate CBD skin care benefits to be vast and possibly unmatched once accurate dosages and formulas are uncovered. 

Is CBD Oil Legal?

So long as it is hemp derived, the CBD is legal. The United States Farm Bill of 2018 provides that hemp derived CBD is legal for sale and consumption on the grounds that it contains no more than 0.3% THC in the compound. 

All 50 of the states in the United States allow for the sale and use of CBD in skincare and other personal products. However, infusing CBD into food becomes a bit of a grey area. The federal government classes CBD in the same category as marijuana, but there are no policies in place to restrict the ability to purchase it, unlike needing an actual medical cannabis license for the purchase of medicinal marijuana. 

Any CBD product with a THC content above 0.3% automatically becomes classed as a marijuana substance and is thereby illegal in most of the 50 states. Countries around the world have conflicting laws surrounding the use of marijuana and THC rich products. 

Some countries, like Turkey, Croatia and even Australia, allow the use when it is medically necessary. Some places allow recreational use of THC rich products so long as users are over a certain age and possess no more than a specific amount of the product at one time. Some regions, such as the District of Columbia, allow for home growth but strictly stipulate a cap on the amount of plants allowed per household. Some countries, such as Portugal, have decriminalized THC, which means it is technically not legal, but you won’t get a criminal record for being caught with it. 

CBD oil is, therefore, creating a legal bridge for some people to obtain the medicinal healing benefits that cannabis plants have to offer without the stress of constantly being on the wrong side of the law. 

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

A properly formulated solution of CBD oil will not result in any kind of euphoric high to a user. CBD, as a solo compound, has no psychoactive properties of its own. THC is the compound with the ability to create a ‘buzz’ of sorts in the user, depending on the levels present. 

This is why CBD derived from hemp is legal, while CBD derived from cannabis is not. Hemp is a plant that contains nowhere near enough of the THC compound to result in any kind of psychoactive influence over the human mind. Hemp and marijuana are similar plants, but differ greatly when it comes to the presence of THC. 

Any oil or products infused with CBD molecules will either feature full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. 

A CBD oil product derived from the full spectrum is likely to contain trace amounts of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD is comprised of a range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids all derived from the originating hemp plant; THC does not feature in broad-spectrum CBD. Likewise, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD derived from hemp, also featuring absolutely no THC. 

There are many ongoing studies surrounding whether or not CBD actually needs a trace amount of THC in order to reach its effective potential. Regardless, CBD beauty products should never result in a high of any kind. 

Is CBD Oil and Hemp Oil The Same?

It is not uncommon for users of CBD oil to refer to their product as hemp oil. These terms are interchangeable and both quantify the CBD richness of the product in question. 

The confusion comes in with what is known as hempseed oil, which is a totally different thing altogether. 

Hempseed oil is made when the seeds from hemp plants are pressed. They excrete a greenish, translucent oil with a distinct nutty flavor. There is no CBD contained in this part of the hemp plant. 

CBD oil is harvested using the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant; the seeds are not involved. 

Hempseed oil has made a name of its own in skincare products, and even certain recipes. There are numerous health benefits associated with this part of the plant, including almost all essential fatty acids. The appealing flavor and scent of hempseed oil makes it a sought after addition to meals and smoothies. 

When used in beauty and skincare products, hempseed works to balance oil production in the skin, and retains the ability to prevent skin from drying out without clogging pores through overproduction of oil. When reviewing hemp seed oil for skin before and after images, one can see drastic improvement in the appearance of active acne, thus supporting the notion that hempseed can powerfully balance oils. 

Since hempseed oil contains absolutely no CBD or THC molecules, there is no prospect of pain relief, anxiety relief or sleep aid through the consumption of the oil. 

Some CBD oil brands make the choice of inscribing ‘CBD hemp oil’ on their packaging, which can be confusing to anyone independently aware of hempseed oil. It is safe to assume that a ‘CBD hemp oil’ is simply a CBD oil. 

However if you are looking for the healing properties of CBD, make sure that is what you are actually paying for. “Consumers are often buying wellness and skincare products they believe contain CBD, however many of these products are actually made with hemp oil or hemp seed oil, meaning they contain negligible amounts of CBD,” says Sarah Battersby, founder of the CBD skincare line State of Kind.

Does CBD Oil Make You Tired?

People commonly associate being tired with smoking marijuana, or consuming THC oil. On the contrary, CBD oil does not induce lethargy or sleepiness in the user. These are traits indicative of high levels of THC, either smoked or digested. 

That being said, there are many people who make use of CBD in order to get a good night’s sleep. Taking CBD right before bed has proven to aid restless insomniacs in achieving more uninterrupted, REM level sleep. It does this not by acting as a tranquilizer, but simply by instilling a sense of calmness over the body. When the body feels calm, deep, sustainable sleep becomes easier to achieve. 

This occurs because CBD binds directly with what are known as 5-HT1 a serotonin receptors in the body. When this happens, one can feel more partial to sleep, as the CBD is blocking any other antagonizing agents from binding with the receptors. When one’s serotonin receptors are in a state of protection like this, sleep becomes a much easier port to enter. Essentially, your constant state of flight or flight is being temporarily pacified, allowing you to get whatever rest and relaxation you’ve been craving. 

Taking CBD oil first thing in the morning, however, should not result in the inability to awake or face the day. It is not believe that CBD will inhibit the body from taking action or deplete energy levels; in fact, some studies are attempting to prove the exact opposite. 

Ways that CBD Oil Can Help Your Skin

As mentioned, it is believed that the body’s TRPV-1 and GPR55 receptors are what CBD oil is binding to when applied topically to the skin. CBD facial products have the potential to work in conjunction with these receptors in order to bring a spectrum of benefits to the skin in question. However, the exact nature of those benefits remains to be seen. 

Products such as CBD soap or CBD face cream feature an array of ingredients that make up the final formula, carrying the CBD. At this point in the game, it is difficult to determine whether a product is effective because of the CBD, or because of the carrying ingredients that are accompanying it. Is the CBD oil reducing the redness in your cheeks, or is it the active ingredient of turmeric that is causing such an effect?

Nevertheless, there are CBD skin benefits promised by a broad spectrum of beauty products available for public sale. While hempseed oil has been used as an additive in skincare products for years, CBD poses the potential to be ten times more effective as a topological treatment.  

According to Erin Spong, the Chief Marketing Officer of Key to Cannabis, “research also indicates that CBD has the ability to produce lipids, which are essential components of skin and play a crucial role in the skin’s barrier function.”

CBD Oil for Wrinkles

When we look at the CBD oil for wrinkles before and after images, it becomes difficult to argue that CBD is not having any effect on the quality of the facial skin. The irony lies in the fact that most older generations, who are most prone to wrinkled skin, have maintained a largely negative mindset around the use of cannabis plants since they started becoming commonplace in society. 

As one ages, the skin begins to lose its elasticity due to a decrease in collagen production which is spurred by a variety of factors. Loss of elasticity reveals itself physically as wrinkles, which are most commonly present first in the face before they appear elsewhere on the body. Over time, wrinkled skin can become dry and irritable, especially when fueled by regular smoking, drug use, or poor nutrition. 

It’s important to note that CBD oil has the potential to target wrinkles from both the inside and the outside of the body. As we know, CBD works to bind with the endocannabinoid system within the body: these being the CB1, CB2, TRPV-1 and GPR55 receptors. When binding with the first two, CBD will take its effect from the inside out, whilst when binding with the latter two, CBD works from the outside in. 

Applying CBD either topically, or digesting it orally, can work against wrinkles in that there is an increase in oil production that occurs. Dying oil glands are restored, and wrinkles are less likely to occur as a result. “CBD has long been used for its ultra-hydrating and emollient properties,” says Dr. Jenelle Kim Founder and Formulator of JBK Wellness Labs. It also works to restore collagen production in that CBD is a natural antioxidant. Smoking, air pollution and UV rays all contribute to loss of collagen in the skin, in time resulting in the appearance of wrinkles. 

CBD also has high levels ofessential fatty acids like omega 3, 6, and 9 says Chris Grebisz owner of Mermaid Wizdom.

Wrinkles in the face have also been linked to inflammation, which can make skin look old. CBD works to fight inflammation and relax the skin, giving it a younger, fresher appearance. 

“As long as it’s extracted properly, CBD can be beneficial to skin in many ways,” says Tracy Julien, CEO at bioClarity.

Before and After Photos

The following are some before and after photos that document the long term effects of using CBD on the skin.

Such evidently successful before and after images might prompt a feeling of excitement and expectation in the potential of skincare via CBD, but it is important to remember that little to no studies exist to support the claims made by each product. 

While the CBD compound could be directly responsible for the improvement in the skin’s texture and quality, credit could just as easily be due to the accompanying carrier ingredients present in the product. 

CBD for Acne

CBD for wrinkles and CBD for acne work in a similar way. Acne targeting CBD also needs to bind with the endocannabinoid system in some form, and when this happens topically it’s via the TRPV-1 and GPR55 receptors in the skin. 

Amongst those who suffer with acne and attempt to treat it using CBD, it is widely understood that for active breakouts CBD should be used topically, while for long term prevention CBD should be ingested orally. 

CBD seems to have the ability to affect the way the body naturally produces a substance called sebum. Sebum is an oily wax that is made by the skin, particularly the skin of the face. Sebum is made as a protective agent between our skin and the outside world. However, when dirt, pollutants, or dead skin cells mix with sebum, it can significantly clog pores and become infectious. Clogged, infectious pores form acne. 

In 2014, a targeted study was conducted to observe the effects of CBD on human sebocytes (the cells that create sebum). It was undeniable to the researchers that the CBD had an influence over the sebum production of each cell, keeping it to an acceptable level. 

Cannabis has also been widely celebrated for its antibacterial and antifungal effects. When applied topically to the skin, the plant can work to reduce infections from pollutants and dirt that clogs the pores, in turn reducing acne in the process. 

And because acne can also affect those with dry, senstive skin, CBD can help with this too. “In addition to its anti-aging and skin-soothing properties, CBD can also stimulate skin hydration. CBD regulates oil production in the skin by working with the sebaceous glands to maintain oil levels in the skin,” according to the CBD skin care brand Oley Hemp.

“When it comes to sensitive skin, CBD can be also advantageous. People who have sensitive skin notice that CBD reduces redness and provides calming effects, meaning that it’s less reactive towards different irritants,”  adds Laura Mogen, Senior Editor at AllBestCBDoil.

CBD for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common condition found in humans that causes the skin to become flaky, scaly, and crust-like due to an overproduction of skin cells. Psoriasis occurs when one’s dying skin cells are replaced more quickly than usual. Many of the reasons behind why psoriasis occurs remain a mystery; this is a disorder that stems from some sort of imbalance within the immune system, therefore making it an autoimmune condition. 

In 2007, the Journal of Dermatological Science released a report containing insight into their belief that CBD retains the ability to slow the overgrowth of certain cells in the skin, some of which cause psoriasis. 

These studies were conducted based on the oral consumption of CBD, and not on topological application of the compound. In spite of this, people around the world are sharing their stories of how applying CBD directly to the affected areas has worked to soothe and even correct the appearance of their psoriasis. Topically applied CBD for psoriasis could prove to be an effective source of external treatment in the years to come. 

Further, “CBD helps in the skin’s natural healing process which lowers the lifespan of eczema flare-ups,” according to Winston Peki, founder of Herbonaut.

CBD for Skin Inflammation

It was in 2015 when research was published in Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry relating to the powerful anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD. It was found that CBD holds anti-inflammatory properties that have an effect via various pathways within the human body. This, in turn, allows the CBD to target multiple different types of inflammation. 

When inflammation occurs in the skin, it should be seen as an immune response to something that the body is deeming undesirable. This can come through an array of avenues, the most common being allergic reactions, pollutants, chemicals, and toxins such as smoking and alcohol. 

Most of the best CBD beauty products boast the ability to reduce and soothe inflammation, regardless of its source. Often, anti-inflammatory products containing CBD for skin are combined with further ingredients that also have anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense, eucalyptus, lavender and turmeric are popular, effective options. 

Since the human body literally holds an endocannabinoid system that works directly with cannabinoids, it’s almost as though nature always intended for us to partner up with this mystical healing plant. CBD oil skin care makes a lot of sense when one considers that they were birthed with the necessary receptors built in to facilitate a harmonious, beneficial encounter with the CBD compound. The same cannot be said for most Western chemicals that we pump into our bodies for the purpose of “healing”. 

CBD Makeup and Cosmetics

It isn’t only skincare that is jumping on the fast-moving CBD bandwagon. CBD beauty extends into makeup and cosmetics.

Wellness oriented brands have began to acknowledge the importance of nourishing additives in makeup that can improve the quality of the designated application area. For years, hempseed oil was the go-to for ‘cannabis’ derived nutrients, but now CBD is making an appearance. Some mascara brands, for example, are using CBD as an active ingredient in their formulas in the belief that the CBD contains properties of growth and protection for healthier looking lashes. 

Similarly, new eyeshadow pallets have been released with CBD in each shade. This takes the eyeshadow from something that is usually merely aesthetic and makes it nourishing and beneficial to the thin skin that protects the eye. It is our hope that this cosmetic revolution continues to unfold, bringing the benefits of CBD to our skin through more avenues. 

CBD infused lip balms are also gaining in popularity, meaning it’s only a matter of time before lipsticks adopt this as an active ingredient, too. It is believed that there is much to be gained from repetitive, daily application of CBD to the skin of the lips, namely the retention of collagen required to keep them plump and wrinkle-free. 

Best CBD Skincare Brands

As the taboos surrounding cannabis continue to be dismantled, we can expect more and more CBD skincare brands to saturate the skincare market. 

When shopping for CBD skin care, take note of the kind of CBD used in the production of the product. As mentioned, the three derivatives are full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. The packaging of the product will usually make it clear as to what kind of avenue the brand took in the making of their product; either ‘cannabidiol’, ‘hemp CBD’, ‘hemp extract’, or ‘full-spectrum CBD’. 

The effectiveness of CBD in a product can also be deduced based on the the level of CBD used. The higher the CBD percentage, the more potent and effective the formula is likely to be. It is worthwhile to note that, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, around 60% of brands lie about the contents of their CBD skin care products. The lack of regulation within the industry is largely to blame, and it stems from the lack of clarity amongst governments as to where they stand when it comes to CBD. 

As Dr. Adam Mamelak, an Austin-based dermatologist, puts it, “Quality makes a difference – more reputable brands will have their CBD tested by a third party lab to ensure quality.”

“Quality CBD comes from hemp plants that are grown and processed in the USA. If a product contains CBD from China, it is likely cheap, low-quality CBD that may not have gone through the same regulations as a U.S. grown product. To go another step further, you could seek out the farming and manufacturing practices of the brand and/or farms where the CBD comes from,” the CBD wellness brand KARIBO elaborates.

Further, while CBD is a great ingredient, it’s important that it is also paired with other high qaulity skincare ingredients and a preservative to prevent the formula from spoiling cautions Christian Ferm, Founder and CEO of Bevara Skin.

It therefore becomes necessary to do a bit of a dive into the back story and credibility of the skincare brand in question. Look into their brand ethos, seek out testimonials, and do what you can to determine whether the ingredients and percentages advertised are honest. 

Here follow some of our favorite CBD skin care brands of the moment organized by category:

Best CBD Face Cream

Revolution Skincare CBD Nourish Boost Cream

A reliable face cream is one of the most essential CBD skin care products to incorporate into any self-care routine. 

Regardless of its composition, face cream needs to be applied at least twice a day according to leading estheticians and dermatologists. Ideally, face cream is applied every time the face is washed, as cleansing can strip the face of natural oils and cause dehydration. Dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkling, so keeping it moist and nutrient-filled can only bring good things in the future. 

We’ve been very impressed by this CBD face cream by Revolution. It’s made with Cannabis Sativa Oil and Cannabidiol, resulting in intense hydration alongside other active ingredients such as cocoa seed butter and shea butter. 

This CBD skin cream is intended for use morning and night for best results, immediately following the cleansing of the face. Revolution’s face creams are vegan and cruelty-free, which is a great way to move into a more sustainable skincare regime. 

Best CBD Face Oil

Kana L I T Premium Facial Oil Blend

One of the most interesting facts about CBD face oils is that they seem to be gentle and effective on all skin types. It’s as though the cannabinoid benefits are so versatile that even skin that tends to become clogged by excess oil actually experiences the opposite when CBD is involved. 

This specific CBD face oil by Kana is a much loved and trusted brand. They’ve come up with a unique formulation of 16 plant based oils that all work together to nourish, hydrate and even heal the skin of the face. This is a powerful mix of botanicals, and combining them with 50mg of CBD made for a formula that was even more potent. 

Use Kana’s oil daily during your morning and evening skincare routine. We find this product is best applied as one gets out of the shower and their pores are wide open and receptive to the oil. 

Best CBD Face Mask

Origins Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask With Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

A face mask is a quick and easy fix to fast nourishment and hydration. Face masks work because they coat the skin in a thick layer of product, leaving little room for outside elements to affect the absorption process. 

When looking to invest in a CBD face mask, we encourage our readers to set aside a little more money to spend than one usually would for this kind of treatment. As the market stands, one can find face masks for as little as $1 being sold across e-commerce sites, some of them claiming to contain the benefits of CBD. If sustainably sourced, ethically extracted and considerately applied, a CBD infused face mask could probably not retail for less than $10. 

There are many brands out there looking to make a quick buck, and synthetic or low quality CBD is something we all run the risk of encountering.

Origins is a brand we know and trust; they have been at the forefront of the CBD skin care movement. Their ‘relaxing and hydrating face mask’ contains a high content of natural cannabis sativa seed oil, which works both on the skin and on the soul. It is said that the CBD in this product not only reduces the appearance of irritation, but also de-stresses the senses of the individual as they wear the mast for the stipulated period of time. 

Best CBD Soap

Cannuka Cleansing Body Bar

It baffles us that it took such a long time for a CBD soap bar to become a household item.  A lot of people limit skincare to the skin they see most often, namely their face, neck and decollete; but it’s beneficial to keep in mind that our entire skin body is constantly feeding our outside world to the inner. 

The skin is our biggest organ, and it happens to be the most direct way for minerals and nutrients to enter the bloodstream without piercing through the surface. What we use on our greater skin body matters, and we foresee a big movement toward healthier body soaps in the near future. 

A CBD soap bar is usually a botanically derived product with a significant amount of CBD oil present. Cannuka is a widely respected name and considered by many as one of the best CBD skin care brands. They offer a variety of unique products that have made a name for themselves as somewhat superior, as they are all a combination of CBD oil and Manuka honey in some form. Manuka honey is known for an array of benefits to skin. 

Best CBD Moisturizer

Dr Botanicals Hemp Infused Natural Nutrition Moisturiser

Usually, a CBD moisturizer is suitable for the face and for the body. Technically speaking, any CBD oil for skin can be used as a moisturizer on the body or face, as oils are intensely moisturizing in their most basic form. 

If you’re looking for a more targeted moisturizer, we know and trust this product from Dr Botanicals. This is an all natural product by the brand, and is made through a simple recipe of hemp seed oil and cocoa butter, both of which are renowned for their intense moisturizing properties. 

It’s not the most affordable CBD moisturizer on the market, but you get what you pay for and there is a quality to this product that deserves credit. The addition of vitamins  A, D and E work, over time, to protect the skin from free radical damage, and when used on the face can be a substitute for even the best CBD oil for wrinkles. 

Best CBD Eye Cream

Ho Karan Anti Fatigue Eye Contour

Eye creams can seem unnecessary when one doesn’t properly understand their function. Yes, there is no denying that over time regular creams and serums will have a positive effect on the skin around the eyes. 

However, always keep in mind that eye skin is particularly thin and comprised of pores much smaller than that of the rest of the face. It takes a specifically formulated type of cream to penetrate these tiny pores, so a cream that is much thinner in molecular compound is preferable. 

Ho Karan offers one of the most effective natural eye creams we’ve found, powered by the beautiful plant that is cannabis. The CBD goes straight to work on dark circles and puffiness, detoxifying the skin and making way for hyaluronic acid to enter the area and work its magic. 

This product goes by the affectionate name of “morning miracle”, because that is quite literally what occurs through this plant derived formula.

Best CBD Cream for Eczema

Cannuka Moisturizing Skin Balm

Like psoriasis, eczema is the name given to an array of skin problems that occur from what seems to be chronic dryness in certain areas. The skin becomes irritated and dehydrated, to the point where a visible rash will make itself present. 

There are big movements within the eczema communities around the world toward uncovering more secrets of CBD in relation to this condition. Our research into the movements seemed to lead us back to one household name every time: Cannuka. 

We mentioned Cannuka earlier as having one of the best CBD soaps on the market. It turns out the same can be said about their moisturizing skin balm. 

It seems that eczema meets somewhat of a match in the combination of Manuka honey and CBD. This balm offers rich hydration that initially calms the irritation of the eczema enflamed skin, followed by slowly correcting the dryness. 

The product is safe for all skin types and can be used on eczema anywhere on the body, even the face.  

Best CBD Face Serum

SuperFlower The Everyday Serum

A serum is a way of getting a more concentrated, potent source of an ingredient into the skin. Serums can be applied both day and night, but due to the intensity of some ingredients most will stipulate the best time for application — take note of this on all serums you use!

The Everyday Serum by SuperFlower caught our eye because their unofficial slogan is “no BS”. Their ethics revolve around the notion that every ingredient in this serum is there for a reason, no extra additives, no exceptions… and no BS!

Three of the most beneficial ingredients for facial skin are Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and CBD. This is why they’ve called it ‘the everyday serum’, because daily, longterm application of this formula leads to quite significant results. 

We like to apply The Everyday Serum during our morning routine, saving harsher serums for the night. Serums are best applied on clean skin, ideally where the pores have been opened using steam or warm water. 

You can wear this serum under your daily makeup. It will not clog pores or cause the skin to feel heavy. 

Best CBD Body Wash

Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

A nutrient soap bar and a nutrient body wash go hand in hand. Both are being used across the greater area of skin, and both are going to be absorbed, to some extent, into the blood stream upon repetitive use. 

With that in mind, it begs the question why we would ever use anything other than natural products on our skin?

Dr Bronner’s was natural long before it was ever cool to be natural. In a sense, this brand has been a pioneer in moving people toward not only safer skincare, but safer cleaning of fruits and vegetables, safer hair care and even safer ways of scrubbing a kitchen. 

Their 18-in-one hemp soap makes for an effective CBD fueled body wash. The soap is sold in approximately one liter portions and will last you years, literally! If you’re interested, Dr Bronner’s offer the same hemp soap in bar form. Use the two together for the most effective results. 

Best CBD Acne Cream

Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

We’ve found that when it comes to CBD oil for acne, it’s less about the CBD itself and more about the ingredients with which it works alongside. 

There is no doubt that CBD is one way of treating acne. But it takes a lot more to soothe, clean and detoxify active bursts of acne, especially on the face. 

This is why we’re so impressed by this serum by Saint Jane. The product is the brainchild of a former Sephora executive who saw a gap in the market for a luxury brand of effective CDB serums. 

The serum contains an astounding 500mg of CBD in each bottle. That is ten times the amount present in most affordable brands of CBD skin care. You’ll pay a pretty penny for this product, but the results speak for themselves. 

In addition to the CBD, there are 18 skin specific essential plant oils contained in the serum. Most of these are plants that have been recognized as effective treatments for acne prone skin since ancient times, including sandalwood, frankincense and calendula.  

Best CBD Cleanser

Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser 

If you asked us a few years ago what our dream combo for a skin cleanser would entail, we’d definitely have said a combination of matcha and CBD. 

The matcha hemp hydrating cleanser by Krave Beauty comes in as a dream formula to combat any dirt build up gathered on the face throughout the day. It works without affecting the skin’s natural barriers, which means that it is able to lift that which is not needed, and leave behind that which is: namely moisture, pH and antioxidants. 

Matcha is widely known as one of the most antioxidant-rich substances on the planet. In its concentrated or powdered form, it is a virtually unaffordable substance to use on the skin daily. Having it present in this cleanser, alongside a potent dose of hemp, is beneficial to the skin in ways that most brands have not even begun to consider yet.

The formula also contains Vitamin B5 and Sodium PCA which act similarly to a CBD skin oil. 

Best CBD Makeup and Cosmetics

Revolution Beauty Blowout Mascara with Cannabis Sativa

This mascara should be on the radar of anyone interested in bringing the benefits of CBD to their lashes. CBD has shown significant results in hair treatments in promoting better growth and stronger follicles. When applied to one’s lashes, CBD can have a similar effect in spite of the hair being much finer. 

We love a jet black mascara and, CBD aside, this is a fabulous product. The wand blows the lashes out and up, caking them in a stiff yet nutrient-rich paint that spreads easily thanks to the CBD oil. 

Vertly Lip Butter and Balm

Vertly makes it abundantly known that they are not just any brand of lip butter and balms. Their balms are hemp infused, offering levels of hydration usually not attainable from such a simple concoction. 

Their butter sticks or balm pots come in a choice of rose or peppermint. Their rose balms are tinted and give a chic pink hue to the wearer. There is also an option of a non-tinted pot of balm in the rose flavor. 

Revolution Forever Flawless Chilled with Cannabis Sativa Eyeshadow Palette

Live out your psychedelic green dreams though this earthy toned eyeshadow pallet by Revolution Beauty. There are 18 shades to choose from, all of which are embedded with the very unsubtle and universally recognized logo for cannabis. 

Each of the eyeshadows are infused with cannabis sativa seed oil. The oils will seep through the fine skin of the eye and nourish from the inside, potentially offering long term benefit and less wrinkling. 

Prolove 30mg CBD Himalayan Bath Bomb

Prolove believes that the healing properties of CBD can be extended into all regimes associated with self-care. They’ve gone and infused a range of bath bombs with low doses of CBD, so that as you soak in the tub the properties can be absorbed gently through the skin. 

Expect one of the most calming bath experiences you’ve had in a long time. No, the CBD is not making you high, it’s simply working with the endocannabinoid system that you were born with to calm the nerves and promote more intense relaxation. 

As for the outside of your skin, the CBD soaked water is hydrating and nourishing all that it touches. This is a great ritual for anyone suffering eczema or psoriasis to incorporate into their list of daily treatments. 

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