Forbes: Skin Loving Hand Sanitizers By Beauty And Wellness Innovators

When wellness brands go into the creation of hand sanitizers, what you get are new essentials that keep you safe while nourishing body, mind, and soul.  GOOD ESSENTIALS

At the start of the outbreak, the main concern was to spritz on hand sanitizers that contained at least 70% ethyl alcohol. I plucked out every single industrial-type, hospital grade alcohol bottle within reach, just to be sure I was safe from the virus.

Considering how often we are encouraged to sanitize our hands, it’s a miracle that skin has not yet fallen off completely. Thankfully, wellness and beauty brands have finally decided to apply their expertise in creating clean, sustainable, skin-loving hand sanitizers.

GOOD ESSENTIALS is a wellness lifestyle brand created by entrepreneur moms, Michelle Chereque and Dr. Jenelle Kim. Both felt the need for healthier new normal essentials and thought to come up with sanitizing products that are 100% natural, organic and effective. Jenelle, who is a pioneer in beauty and personal care, then began working on an all-natural hand sanitizer that works wonders on skin. The result: HERBAL INFUSED HAND SANITIZERS. Its unique formula utilizes a combination of alcohol, aloe vera, and aromatic herbs (like ginger root, licorice, Lonicera flower, and Forsythia fruit). Essential oils were infused resulting in a wonderful new essential that feels a lot like a spa in a bottle.

Herbal Infused Hand Sanitizer in Lavender from GOOD ESSENTIALS

Whereas constant sanitizing may sometimes become tiresome, GOOD ESSENTIALS brings forth a sense of wellness and relaxation. Soothing fragrance from essential oils makes you want to keep spritzing on your hands. Unique formula leaves a soft and supple feel on the skin while keeping it squeaky clean. Through their hero product, GOOD ESSENTIALS has managed to create a sense of well-being in a time of pandemic. I’ve been hoarding bottles of their Herbal Infused Sanitizers in all variants—Rosemary & Lavender as well as Citrus. Depending on mood, there is a soothing scent to make all the woes go away.

The world’s first Aromatherapy Face and Mask Mist from GOOD ESSENTIALS

Their newly launched Aromatherapy Face and Mask Mist is also something to add to your daily arsenal. The first of its kind, it soothes and refreshes both face and mask on days when you feel just a little to cooped up by lockdowns and too many layers of protective gear. I love spritzing this one on long days when I have to be out or simply when I need an extra boost or relief to get me through. The team adds, “Our aromatherapy herbal blend will instantly revitalize your condition while providing powerful antibacterial properties that help to kill bacteria in the air and on your mask.”

100% Ingredient Transparent Hand Sanitizer by HENRY ROSE


HENRY ROSE is a 100% transparent, luxury fine fragrance label founded by award winning actress Michelle Pfeiffer in 2019. This year, they launched a new line of “radically transparent personal care products that include hand sanitizer. Verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) their sanitizers are formulated with 70% Ethyl alcohol and skin soothing aloe, which moisturizes and nourishes. Its fragrance follows the notes from Henry Rose’s best-selling scent, Jake’s House. It opens with essences of Fresh Marine with mid notes of Neroli, Peony and Jasmine. Impressions of Ambroxan and Musk linger as dry notes.  Henry Rose sanitizers are also packaged in an all black, fully recyclable 100% Post Consumer Recycled bottles and caps that make for elegant additions to your purse.

PILI ANI Clean & Green Alco Sanitizer formulated with Elemi Oil


PILI ANI is a pioneer in the Philippines for sustainable beauty and wellness. Working with all natural ingredients like ethically sourced Pili and Elemi oils, the brand has been carving a niche for Philippine beauty brands (otherwise known as P-Beauty) on the world map. Using key ingredients and following artisanal traditions, their unique and potent beauty innovations have been known to nourish, firm and protect skin.

From the onset of the pandemic, its founder has the foresight to develop their own formula for hand sanitizers using Elemi oils. The result: PILI ANI’s Clean and Green Alco Hand Sanitizer. Mindfully crafted with Elemi oil, Elemi Hydrosol, and 70% Ethyl Alcohol, this handy purifier leaves hands feeling smooth and nourished without the sticky feeling. Essential oils bring a subtle fragrance to skin surface and soothes senses. You will love how it is packaged such that it can easily fit into your pocket. Other features like a silicone casing and key ring make to a perfect fit for carrying in your purse.

Tea Trea Oil and Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser from VON NORTEN


VON NORTEN was created to celebrate a way of life anchored on kindness. Kindness towards self and kindness towards the planet. The label is a cult favorite especially among those who invest in sustainable, quality home and body products. The team attests: “We are more than just a brand, are a way of living and embracing the power of nature. We are passionate about preserving nature for future generations and dedicated to environment and sustainability.”

As it was when it launched its first line of home and body products, the team uses raw, vegan and ethically sourced raw ingredients from the North in the formulation of its now best selling Tea Trea Oil and Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser. Tea Tree oil combined with 70% alcohol eliminated 99% of germs within seconds of application. Aloe Vera moisturizes and keeps skin silky smooth.

OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On

OLIKA in Swedish directly translates to “differently.” This is exactly what the new kid on the wellness block hopes to bring to the table with its re-imagined hand sanitizer. The team explains: “We believe more than anything that the things you do everyday should delight you. That’s why we designed a product that’s not only beautiful, nature-inspired and ergonomic, but made with purest, most effective ingredient.”

The misting hand sanitizers in contained in a bird-inspired bottle, shaped and sized to fit the palm of you hands. It is both easy to hand and easy on the eyes. With many gel sanitizers manufactured for single use, Olika’s refillable containers significantly reduce waste. Olika’s formulation combines 65% Ethyl alcohol with essential oils and Aloe Vera to sooth and hydrate skin. There are several variants that include: Fresh Cucumber Basil, Ambrosial Orange Blossom, Purifying Charcoal, Soothing Lavender and Invigorating Mint Citrus. You may also opt for the Fragrance Free bottle it that’s more up your alley.

SANIBELLE Hand Sanitizer Ampules are the “Original Soothing Sanitizers.”

SANIBELLE believes that “safe is beautiful.” The label was conceived as a bridge way between safety and self-care. Its proprietary hand sanitizing wipes and ampules also happen to be the “Original Soothing Sanitizer.” While we are all used to carrying bottles or spritzers to keep safe, Sanibelle takes things a notch up with its recyclable Sanitizing Ampules. This unique way for packaging makes is extra easy and convenient to keep hands clean at all times. Simple slip into pockets, bags and purses.

The team discloses: “Our secret weapon is the CDC-approved ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride.13%, an active anti microbial ingredient that kills 99.9% of illness causing germs.” Sanibelle is alcohol-free so skin does not dry. It is formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe which leaves skin feeling moisturized. Blow-Fill technology brings users the most advanced and sterile way for delivering sanitizers from ampule to hand.