True Love is Never Too Close, Yet Never Too Far Away

Love is never too close, yet never too far away. Love is consistent and does not move with the changing winds of life. This is the difference between commitment and emotions. Emotions come and go, they are natural and a part of life; it is important to be aware of your emotions and to not let them overcome you.

Take for example when you haven’t eaten for a while, naturally you become hungry, and this feeling of hunger can be very intense; however, the moment you eat, your brain decides that you are no longer hungry and that feeling goes away.  Likewise, emotions ebb and flow, and this is the very reason why it is vital to keep these emotions balanced to be rooted in your commitment.

Love is a Commitment

Love can be likened to this.  When you first meet someone, everything is new and exciting because your brain and nervous system are heightened. This is a beautiful and important part of a relationship. Then time passes and although love continues to grow, the excitement can often wane and the initial feelings that you once felt may not be the same.

That is why true, deep love is a commitment. An acknowledgment that even though life can bring the ups and downs of emotion, that commitment that you make with another is deeper than the emotion. It is grounding.

In life, challenges arise and can start to make cracks in the foundation of your love, which attempt to create an imbalance. The ultimate goal, in every aspect of life, and particularly in relationships, is to maintain balance through the cracks. When you are able to balance your situation and your loved one, you gain the ability to rise above fleeting emotions.

Balancing the Changes Around You

The one constant in life is change, and the only way to succeed is to balance the changes around you and within you. The key to balance is to do away with extremes.  In Easter philosophy, this is the very principle of yin and yang. By nature, yin is: day, light, soft, woman and yang is: night, dark, loud, man. The brilliant part is that this relationship is tied and is constantly adjusting…just as day turns into night and night into day.  It is a cycle and a constant balance. When you are able to be in rhythm with this you are able to acknowledge and keep the balance. Along with this same principle, extremes cause imbalance. This is why it is important that love is never too close and never too far away.

In the reality of life, when moments arise where tension hits a peak with your loved one, ask yourself, “what am I trying to gain from this?” When it comes to love and family, there is no winner. True love and family are like water. No matter how many times you try to cut water, the water will not separate.  So, when you find yourself in a tense moment with your loved one think to yourself, “If I win this fight, what good does it actually bring?” Communication and understanding go much further than trying to be “right”, and are much harder to do at first. Yet, when this habit of stopping to listen and see the other perspective begins to take hold, it is much easier to move with the flow of life – the Tao.

This is consistency, this is the promise of loving someone – to go through each situation knowing that you are traveling with someone by your side, someone that you have committed to stand next to, to understand and to take on this life with.  Your partner.

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