Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Speaker, Educator and Author.

Jenelle Kim is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DACM, L.Ac) and educator of finding happiness by incorporating Tao philosophy and mindfulness into daily life through Living Meditation. Pre-Order her upcoming book: Myung Sung Living Meditation

Myung Sung Living Meditation

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February 22, 2022
at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST

with Dr. Jenelle Kim &

Watkins/Penguin Random House


1. Myung Sung Living Meditation Seated, Calming Meditation Technique

2. Myung Sung Living Meditation Standing, Stress Relieving Technique

As an attendee

You will have one of the first opportunities to hear from Dr. Kim about elevating your life through Myung Sung principles of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of what it means to live in harmony with others and your surroundings.

You will learn about the origins of the 8 Keys of Myung Sung Living Meditation as they have been passed down for centuries by the sages of East Asia.

Experience grounding meditation techniques and movements that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Learn principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine and gain a different perspective of looking at health holistically and in harmony with nature.

You will leave this event inspired, awakened, and empowered by the principles offered in this event.


Are you ready to change your life by shifting your perspective?

The 8 keys of Living Meditation will guide you to tap into the mind, body, and spirit helping you achieve balance and harmony through life’s many ups and downs.

In this live online event, you will learn about the Three Pillars of Myung Sung: Meditation, Movement, Medicine.

The Event will be held Live:
February 22, 2022
at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST

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Myung Sung™ is the art of practicing meditation and mindfulness every moment of your day. Rather than taking time away from our busy schedules and sitting still, we can incorporate the techniques of meditation and mindfulness into every action of our daily lives. We learn to gain perspective moment by moment with a new sense of clarity and awareness.


To become the best versions of ourselves and restore our inner balance, we can turn to the healing benefits of natural medicine. As the 9th generation doctor and herbologist in my lineage, I wish to encourage us all to value our health, listen to our bodies and provide ourselves with the support and nourishment we need for optimal wellness.


Myung Sung™ teaches us to find balance, helps us gain energy and maintain optimal health by incorporating movement into our daily lives. We learn to feel the natural energy that exists within us and connects us to all living things and with nature. We become more aware of how our actions affect our minds and bodies and those around us, and we learn to move with the flow of the universe.


Myung Sung



Myung Sung introduces the Korean art of living meditation as the way to achieve a life of balance and happiness. Using eight simple keys, readers can enjoy all the calming, positive benefits of meditation in every minute of every day.

Myung Sung represents a meeting place between Tao philosophy and mindfulness. It offers a way of being that is calm, decisive, and harmonious. With it, you will be able to resolve conflict, walk through stress, and accomplish your life goals.Myung Sung is the Korean art of balancing mind, body and spirit, and connecting with the limitless reserves of natural energy around us. To be able to ground ourselves with eight simple keys whenever we are stressed or distressed, offers strength and power in hard times.

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Tickets & Bonus Videos will be emailed to you