Balance Yourself Internally

What is balance?

One of the main principles of Myung Sung is balance. When I use the word balance you may think of work-life balance, but I want us to take one more step, go a little deeper and realize that balance starts from within us from within you from how you view any situation and how you respond to it.


It is from this internal balance that we are able to bring all of the external elements in our lives into balance as well. What happens within us is always the root cause of our happiness or our despair, our health or our suffering.


Balance is a continuous state of change and it is a constant practice if you can picture the yin yang symbol in the light area there is always a little bit of dark and in the dark area there’s always some light. The state of balance is always changing from day to day and situation to situation but if we are guided by unchanging principles, we are able to be better equipped to find it in each situation we encounter.


When we are in balance, we respond to the daily challenges of life in the correct ways that increase harmony, peace, well-being, happiness, and strength not only for ourselves but for the people around us. When we are in balance, we are able to zoom out and gain a greater perspective and we are therefore able to see with greater clarity the invisible thread connecting all people through the consequences or rewards of our actions. When we are in balance we act calmly and we remain in control following the unchanging principles as we move along the mindful pathway.


On the other hand, when we overreact and also even under-react to life’s challenges out of misunderstanding fear, or anger, we lose control of our own lives and this can lead to feelings of envy, abusive behavior, or isolation. By coming into balance, we gain a greater perspective we can see situations more clearly, and then we are able to anchor ourselves and find calm no matter what is happening around us balance is a continuous state of change and it is a constant practice but it provides some of the most rewarding outcomes in life harmony security connectedness and self-assuredness.