Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Speaker, Educator and Author.

Jenelle Kim is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DACM, L.Ac) and educator of finding happiness by incorporating Tao philosophy and mindfulness into daily life through Living Meditation. Pre-Order her upcoming book: Myung Sung™

Myung Sung

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Are you ready to change your life by shifting your perspective?

The 8 keys of Living Meditation will guide you to tap into the mind, body, and spirit helping you achieve balance and harmony through life’s many ups and downs.

In this live online event, you will learn about the Three Pillars of Myung Sung: Meditation, Movement, Medicine.

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Myung Sung™



Myung Sung introduces the Korean art of living meditation as the way to achieve a life of balance and happiness. Using eight simple keys, readers can enjoy all the calming, positive benefits of meditation in every minute of every day.

Myung Sung represents a meeting place between Tao philosophy and mindfulness. It offers a way of being that is calm, decisive, and harmonious. With it, you will be able to resolve conflict, walk through stress, and accomplish your life goals. Myung Sung is the Korean art of balancing mind, body and spirit, and connecting with the limitless reserves of natural energy around us. To be able to ground ourselves with eight simple keys whenever we are stressed or distressed, offers strength and power in hard times.