Know Your True Self

Life is a never-ending challenge for good and for bad. You have the power to choose the good path and become as great as you want. You are your own guide and your own guard. Know all aspects of your true, pure self – mental, physical, spiritual, and in relationships with others. You must always be aware of fleeting internal and external circumstances that have the potential to knock you off your path to greatness.

There are unlimited opportunities. Good or bad choices exist within you. When you know yourself, you find your root, your center.

To achieve a life of greatness, you must earn by following the correct path.

Hiker with backpack looking at mountains, alpine view

Someday, maybe no one will remember me, but through these Keys, if someone is able to absorb these principles and change their life for the better then I will earn. By you earning, I earn. This is one of the reasons and principles of why I am dedicated to sharing these with you. Once you learn, you too can share and earn. It is a never-ending cycle of goodness. This is the way to change the world and to make a positive impact.

- Jenelle