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Ep. 97 | Let’s Chat About Formulating Clean Beauty Products with Dr. Jenelle Kim

In today’s episode, I sit down with Dr. Jenelle Kim to chat all about formulating clean beauty products. Inside This Episode: How Dr. Jenelle got started with JBK Wellness Labs | The difference between Eastern and Western medicine | Why proper formulation is so key in skincare | A little about Dr. Jenelle’s upcoming book Myung Sung: The Korean Art to Living Meditation and so much more

The State of Mind Podcast w/ Julian Royce, MA, LPCC

We mostly talked about meditation and that’s the main subject of her book that’s coming out so keep your eyes out for that book check out the links in the show notes below as always please support this podcast via the patron account thank you so much for listening and without further ado, I bring you, Dr. Jenelle Kim.