My Passion

I feel a strong need to share the wisdom and values I have inherited with as many people as possible. I believe that my heritage, training, and personal and professional experience gives me the credibility and the capability to change readers’ lives.

My book, The Power of Living Meditation, aligns with many of the self-help practices which have been shown in scientific studies to have validity. These practices include meditation or mindfulness, stating what you’re grateful for each day, being charitable, and giving to others.

My work taps into the rising interest in East Asian culture. All things Korean—food, beauty, movies, and music—have surged in global popularity through social media and online platforms. There is even a name for it: the “Korean Wave.” This term describes the increase in global popularity of South Korean culture since the 1990s.

Practicing meditation to reduce stress is also becoming mainstream in America. Today, 9.3 million Americans meditate, fueling a $1 billion-plus industry comprised of meditation studios, books, DVDs, workshops, online courses, websites, apps, and supplies. (Marketdata Enterprises 2017 study.

In order to stand out, leaders in the field will need to be accountable and credible, appealing to an audience that includes men and women, younger adults, and older alike. I am confident in being able to meet that need.