Living Meditation

Living Meditation

The Power of Living Meditation

Living Meditation™ represents a meeting place between Tao philosophy and mindfulness. It offers a way of being that is calm, decisive, and harmonious. With it, you will be able to resolve conflict, walkthrough stress, and accomplish your life goals.

Living Meditation is the way to achieve a life of balance and happiness. Using eight simple keys, readers can enjoy all the benefits of meditation in every minute of every day.

When you think of meditation, you probably think of taking time out—closing the door on the phone calls you have to make, the bills you have to pay, the meal you have to prepare, the report you have to write. For all of us, it can be hard sometimes to close that door and find some stillness.

Thai wooden boats on an island of Krabi. Thailand, South East As

What if there was another way to find balance and happiness?

Living Meditation is the opposite of stepping away from your daily activities. It is active and dynamic and constant, an integral part of your everyday life. It is in action from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep. And quite frankly, I think it happens even as you’re sleeping. It never stops.

Because life doesn’t stop. Life doesn’t hit the pause button so we can step back and meditate, and that’s why Living Meditation—which happens right here and now, in the moment, in our hearts and minds—is so powerful.

Think of it as meditating without meditating!


Taoism was introduced to Korea from China during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD), and remains as a significant element of Korean thought today. In Chinese philosophy, Tao is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order.

According to the American Psychological Association, mindfulness is: “…a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment.” Or as Jon Kabat Zinn puts it, mindfulness is “The awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” When you combine the stance of mindfulness with the natural order of the Tao, that is Living Meditation.

East Asian practitioners over the centuries have taught correct ways to enhance health, increase vitality, and achieve balance and harmony. By balancing mind, body, and spirit, and connecting with the limitless reserves of natural energy around them, they found that they could place themselves beyond the persisting negative influences in life, such as stress and conflict.