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Forbes Feature: Thailand’s Legalization Of Medical Cannabis Proves One Very Important Thing

Thailand, a country infamous for its harsh penalties on drug users, has now legalized medical marijuana. Thailand’s military government unanimously approved medical marijuana use, which would make it the first country to legalize cannabis use in any form in Southeast Asia. Jenelle Kim, Founder & Chief Formulator of JBK Wellness Labs was quoted in a Forbes…

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Leafly Feature: Hemp Cosmetics Will Conquer Asia

Hemp and CBD beauty cosmetics have already gained traction in Western Countries, however, that enthusiasm is now making its way into Asia. Jenelle Kim, doctor and founder of JBK Wellness Labs speaks on the matter below “15 years ago, when the CBD market began to emerge, I realized that people need it in the West.…

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KOMO News Feature: Yes, CBD in Makeup is a Thing

Jenelle Kim was featured in KOMO News where she discusses the increasing popularity of CBD usage for skincare products and makeup. “So, it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, calming properties for the body, for the skin in particular,” Kim explained. And it’s an incredible antioxidant. And we hear this word all of the time, but in…

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The Spa Insider: #BeautyBoss Feature

This month has been especially exciting for me because I was just featured in The Spa Insider for their “#beautyboss” series. It was an absolute honor to be recognized in this series next to some incredible and talented women and men in the beauty industry. To write this article, we got to sit down and…

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