Leafly Feature: Hemp Cosmetics Will Conquer Asia

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Hemp and CBD beauty cosmetics have already gained traction in Western Countries, however, that enthusiasm is now making its way into Asia. Jenelle Kim, doctor and founder of JBK Wellness Labs speaks on the matter below “15 years ago, when the CBD market began to emerge, I realized that people need it in the West.…

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KOMO News Feature: Yes, CBD in Makeup is a Thing

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Jenelle Kim was featured in KOMO News where she discusses the increasing popularity of CBD usage for skincare products and makeup. “So, it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, calming properties for the body, for the skin in particular,” Kim explained. And it’s an incredible antioxidant. And we hear this word all of the time, but in…

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The Spa Insider: #BeautyBoss Feature

This month has been especially exciting for me because I was just featured in The Spa Insider for their “#beautyboss” series. It was an absolute honor to be recognized in this series next to some incredible and talented women and men in the beauty industry. To write this article, we got to sit down and…

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Smart About Skincare

Jenelle Kim was featured in Culture Magazine discussing the benefits of CBD in skin scare. “The first time Dr. Kim was approached about entering the CBD industry, she hung up the phone. But slowly, she learned about CBD and the purposes behind it, how it helps children and how it helps with inflammation. It didn’t…

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Master Herbologist Dr. Jenelle Kim on What CBD Does in Beauty Products

Jenelle Kim was featured in Modern Luxury San Diego where she shares the benefits of CBD in beauty products. “Cannabis is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, and its health benefits were noted more than 4,000 years ago. CBD oil is infused into beauty products for its skin-soothing, calming and hydrating…

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Hemp Expected to Be Legalized in US, Sparking Market Growth

Jenelle Kim was featured in Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine where she speaks on the future of hemp and CBD within the cosmetics industry post legalization. “Notably, though the new legislation provides federal guidelines regarding hemp and CBD, the ingredient is still subject to the U.​S. Food and Drug Administ­ration (FDA) and to individual state regulations.…

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Why Mugwort Is the Trendy New Ingredient in Korean Skin Care

Jenelle Kim was featured in Allure where she discusses how to surviving the holiday season through mindfulness. “In Korea, mugwort is regarded as a healing herb for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and skin-protective properties. Known as ssuk (쑥), legend has it that mugwort was behind the creation of the first Korean dynasty, according to Jenelle Kim,…

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