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How to Start Your Own Business as a Motivational Speaker

So you are a sociable, affable person who has a story to tell. You know that sharing your life experiences, and wisdom can potentially help others, but you are unsure of how you can communicate your insight. Why not consider taking your message on the road as a motivational speaker? In addition to changing the…

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Daily Motivation Tips: How to Be More Resilient at Work

We all know that feeling of apathy we get from a job that isn’t going anywhere. This happens when we think that the job we’re at is not worth our time or there’s no vertical growth for us. This feeling could come from a variety of outside forces – management, coworkers, improper compensation; however, many…

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How to Tie in Self-Reflection in Your Everyday Routine

It’s easy to welcome complacency into your life. After all, it is a level of satisfaction. However, content you appear to be, devoid of self-reflection, your sense of serenity may all be a façade. Without first examining and understanding your thoughts, feelings, and actions, it is impossible to be true to yourself and others. Gazing…

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A Personal Note – Finding a Life Mentor

life mentor

Throughout my life, I have experienced many peaks and valleys.  Like many of you, beginning at a very young age, I learned quickly the faces of sincerity and hope, as well as faces of betrayal and jealousy. I cannot say which I appreciate more. The faces of goodness have reminded me of the light in…

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Its Time to Clean Up on the Inside – Learn to Purify Your Life

Purify your life

Picture your home, and in that vision, picture clothes piled up everywhere, trash can overflowing, papers stacked all over the place, food rotting on the counter. It is safe to say that almost anyone who sees this picture would agree that something needs to change – a thorough cleaning and organizing session is definitely in…

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