Be a Vessel of Wisdom

Wisdom is the food of enlightenment. It generates peace and is the glue between and among individuals.

Once you have balance, you begin to have light; once you have light, you become light; once you become light, you have peace. This is true enlightenment. Enlightenment has no good and no bad…it is zero. In zero you have nothing, but everything. Zero can mean nothing, but it also means unlimited. In zero, there is no happiness and no pain.

Wisdom allows us to realize the correct choice. It is the key to balancing opposites. Wisdom is experience, what you have walked through. You can learn knowledge or teach knowledge, but to “show” how to get through a given situation is wisdom. With wisdom you must absorb a situation and make it your own. No one can “teach” wisdom; just as no one can eat for you. If a person is hungry, you can give them food, but no matter how much they eat you cannot make the other person full forever.

Wisdom shows it does not “teach.” Just as if you close your eyes and someone knocks on your door, you know someone is at your door without having to open your eyes. This is wisdom. Wisdom is learned through action and experience. Knowledge is learned through memorization. You can close your eyes and even though you cannot see around you, you know the sounds you are hearing and the smell you are smelling, because you have had the experience before and absorbed what they are…this is wisdom.

Wisdom becomes habit, which leads to the correct path in life. Being a person of wisdom means continually learning and earning. The bridge between learning (acquiring knowledge) and earning (sharing with others) is responsibility. Our responsibility is to learn and earn wisdom to become light in order to bring balance to life.

Traditional Korea jar in the garden

Someday, maybe no one will remember me, but through these Keys, if someone is able to absorb these principles and change their life for the better then I will earn. By you earning, I earn. This is one of the reasons and principles of why I am dedicated to sharing these with you. Once you learn, you too can share and earn. It is a never-ending cycle of goodness. This is the way to change the world and to make a positive impact.

- Jenelle