Change Your Reality for the Better

Just like you can flip a switch and turn a dark room bright, you can change your reality. Those who allow themselves to be imprisoned by their own reality follow the pathway to isolation and disconnectedness.

Reality is what we see and believe concerning our surroundings and ourselves. Many see reality as something fixed, something that holds them back…for them, reality is a prison, but there is another way to see reality. You can see reality as something you can change, an opportunity at every turn, and a condition of growth and improvement.

The ability to change your reality is inside of you. You can change your reality through earning. Earning can be likened to the pursuit of wisdom. If you know yourself, your destiny will reveal itself to you. If you look outward to find out who you are, you will encounter a maze of tangled paths that lead you in many directions, but in the end, you are taken on so many detours that you end up no further than where you started. This is why the great sages have always taught their followers to look inward for the correct path to be revealed.

The path that begins to reveal itself as you look inward is the correct path, and like any traveler journeying into new territory, you must regularly reference your map or you will eventually get detoured from your path.

The path that is your destiny is a path of earning. This path is not an easy one to follow at first. You will encounter countless challenges that will make you want to veer away for wont of a more comfortable situation, but unless you take on this challenge you will not grow. Each challenge presents an opportunity to gain wisdom. As you travel along this path you will gain wisdom and inner peace.

Once you achieve inner peace it does not matter where you are, because your surroundings do not affect you. With inner peace you have the ability and awareness to change your reality for the better and also the reality of those around you.

My mentor once told me that when he was a small boy living in a cave in the mountains of East Asia (during his studies of meditation), and he would begin to get restless, his master told him, “When you are living in this cave you may think you are locked in, but remember there was a time when you were in your mother’s womb and you did not feel locked in; this is because you had inner peace, you were not influenced by your surroundings. The same can be true of any situation."

wooden signpost near a path and sunrays

Someday, maybe no one will remember me, but through these Keys, if someone is able to absorb these principles and change their life for the better then I will earn. By you earning, I earn. This is one of the reasons and principles of why I am dedicated to sharing these with you. Once you learn, you too can share and earn. It is a never-ending cycle of goodness. This is the way to change the world and to make a positive impact.

- Jenelle