Become a Legacy of Goodness

If you were to pass on tomorrow, how would you be remembered?

Prepare to leave behind a legacy of “good seeds” for future generations. Life is a challenge for good and for bad. The choice is yours.

Those who become “rotten fruit” in this lifetime become fertilizer. “Rotten Fruit” breaks down and returns to the earth to be recycled for the good of a more worthy life later on. “Rotten Fruit” are those people who follow the wrong path; they do not lead a life of purpose and principle. They do not pass down a good legacy and are of no value for future generations. Those who become “good seeds” in this lifetime endure and spread hope to future generations.

Remember that material things do not endure. We come into this world with nothing, for a time we temporarily gather our visible things, and when we leave, we leave with nothing except our spirit. Things that belong to earth, belong to earth…you cannot take them with you.

It’s fine to have material things in life, it can make for a more comfortable daily life; however, always remember that while you can own material things, material things can also own you. Unlimited materials can be had, but do not let materials be your ultimate end goal. This will take you away from good principles and you will end up losing your direction in life.

When you understand this principle, you will become immovable in your being, not swayed at every prospect of momentary excitement.

little boy helping his father to plant the tree while working to

Someday, maybe no one will remember me, but through these Keys, if someone is able to absorb these principles and change their life for the better then I will earn. By you earning, I earn. This is one of the reasons and principles of why I am dedicated to sharing these with you. Once you learn, you too can share and earn. It is a never-ending cycle of goodness. This is the way to change the world and to make a positive impact.

- Jenelle