Make Correct Daily Choices: The Moral Compass

By knowing your true self, you will know what is true for you in a given situation.

Those who do not know their true self do not know the difference between true, right and correct. The goal is to balance what is true in the moment and what is right in a given situation in order to make the correct decision.

Your inner state at any given time; how you truly feel about something. The “True” largely determines what you choose to do or your actions in response to circumstances at hand.

Doing the most good for everyone involved.

The choice of action that will do the most good for everyone involved given the circumstances at hand.

For example, if you’re feeling tired in the morning it may be true that you do not want to go to work, however, according to what is right you should show up to work because your boss expects you to; in the end the correct choice would be to go to work in order to follow through with your responsibility to take care of and provide for your family.

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Someday, maybe no one will remember me, but through these Keys, if someone is able to absorb these principles and change their life for the better then I will earn. By you earning, I earn. This is one of the reasons and principles of why I am dedicated to sharing these with you. Once you learn, you too can share and earn. It is a never-ending cycle of goodness. This is the way to change the world and to make a positive impact.

- Jenelle